Gila Goodness Granola: High Quality Nutrition With Every Delightful Bite

Gila Goodness Granola

Firstly, I will admit that I am not a fan of granola even though I do like the main ingredients, i.e. nuts, seeds, rolled oats. Maybe it’s because I dislike that they are normally in loose form but along comes Gila Goodness Granola, co-founded by someone I have known for many years, Theresa Lam who works in the PR industry. Recently, I had a chat with Theresa about Gila Goodness granola which comes in pieces much like biscuits rather than loose form which many of us have come to associate with granola.

These artisanal low-sugar granola are great as snacks and can even be a meal on their own – break them up on toast or eat them with Greek yoghurt. If you’re caught in gridlock or don’t have time for breakfast before you leave for work, these are the perfect/ideal food for munching in the car. They are also a must-have in the office when you are feeling peckish but don’t have time to run out to buy food or when you’re working late, it’s a lot less time-consuming (not to mention much healthier) than making a bowl of instant noodles.

With Gila Goodness co-founder, Theresa Lam

Theresa loves granolas but she always thought the ones available in the market are too sweet. Her craving for savoury granola led to the creation of Gila Goodness as she pitched the idea to her friend, Vivien who then made the first batch of Nasi Lemak Granola which is low-calorie and guilt-free.

Nasi Lemak Granola

Made with rolled oats, whole almonds, crunchy groundnuts, shredded coconut, ikan bilis, and baked with a coating of Gila Goodness’ signature sambal blend, these granolas are really crunchy and wonderfully savoury. It’s a great alternative to a plate of nasi lemak as you get the genuine taste of nasi lemak condiments sans the rice. The fragrance of coconut makes them very appealing.

Onde Onde

If you prefer something sweet (but not too sweet) do try their Onde Onde Granola which contains rolled oats, crunchy whole almonds, premium pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut, natural pandan extract, Gula Melaka. I like the Nasi Lemak variant but I love the Onde Onde Granola as the pandan and Gula melaka make these stand out, very unique indeed.

The Nasi Lemak and Onde Onde flavours are available in 120g bottles at RM20. Please visit for more information and contact details.