Getting To Know Neesya Better


While I am never averse to trying out any beauty brand, I have a certain fondness for brands which originate from Malaysia such as Neesya and besides, Neesya has always been supportive of this blog which is more than I can say for some brands which promise something but fail to deliver.

Anyway, Neesya held a presentation by their trainer, Intan recently where she explained the importance of cleansing and exfoliating. Although most of us cleanse, many don’t exfoliate as they may not think it’s a necessary step. However, exfoliating is an important in our skincare routine as we want to eliminate those dead skin cells so that we can have a brighter and less dull complexion which is where Neesya’s Lumi Brightening Enzymatic Refiner steps in.

According to Neesya, skin conditions that benefit from exfoliation are:-

  • blemished skin – helps lighten marks
  • post-breakout red/dark marks – helps lighten marks
  • clogged pores – reduces black and white heads
  • hyperpigmentation – accelerates the fading process
  • removes dry skin – new skin contains more moisture
  • anti-aging – regulates renewal process and reduces accumulation of dry skin cells

Intan demonstrated the use Lumi Brightening Toner with compressed masks – this is something I do as often as I can because using such masks really helps prolong my skin hydration and does a great job at softening skin. It’s one of the most affordable ways to improve skin condition, even more economical than buying sheet masks.

Last but not least, always apply sunscreen – if you are indoors most of the time, a sunscreen with SPF 30 would be more than sufficient and anything more than SPF 50 won’t mean a lot more protection if you’re outdoors.

Thanks to the generosity of Neesya, I’ve had many opportunities to try out almost their entire range of products over the past few years and my favourite is still the Lumi Brightening Enzymatic Refiner as it brightens my skin within 10 minutes.