Getting To Know My Chubby Little Munchkin


img_20171129_092923_804From my experiences with cats over the past few months, it didn’t take me long to realise that cats are a lot cooler and more independent than dogs. It’s a good thing they have no separation anxiety. While my dog will give me forlorn looks when I go out and try to jump into the car, my grey cat Munchkin will just laze around in or outside the house. She doesn’t make a fuss when I leave nor does she jump around like the dog when I come home.

When I first brought Munchkin with her incredibly beautiful mesmerising pair of green eyes into my home, she was somewhat scrawny as one would expect of a cat without a home. I just couldn’t leave her out there exposed to the elements. I knew next to nothing about cats and was rather hesitant about touching them as they have such sharp claws. Munchkin followed me everywhere the first few days. I thought she would always be following me around but about two weeks later, she stopped doing that. She’d become a lot more independent.

dsc_0705I surveyed the supermarket shelves for all kinds of cat food, dry and wet. I compared prices and brands. I think I know quite a bit about that now. Munchkin loves any kind of cat food, it doesn’t matter whether it’s kibbles or fish in small sachets. It all tastes delicious to her. It’s a delight to watch her devouring her food with gusto and I love her long and short meows when it’s meal time which is 3x a day. She has such an appetite! I think it is time to put her on diet but who can resist her meowing.

She jumps on the sink, chairs, tables and even my bed. Since she was so little when she was brought in, she has no fear of the dogs who have accepted her. Unlike the family of ginger cats who think of my home as their café, who eat and leave for greener pastures for most of the day and possible night, Munchkin hasn’t got the wanderlust. She stays in my house most of the time and even if she does go out, she comes back very soon.

Although I never thought I would ever have a cat as a pet, that all changed when I took in Munchkin. Maybe it’s her too-cute-for-words appearance, whatever the reason, she really has me in the palm of her paw. I’m happy that fate has brought us together and look forward to many years together with this sweet, chubby kitty.