Fun & Exhilirating Activity: Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur Where Once Is Definitely NOT Enough

Entrance to the most thrilling ride in KL
Entrance to the most thrilling ride in KL

Three days ago, media & KOLs were invited to a preview of Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur. The location is easy to find, there’s no chance of getting lost as Skyline Luge is very visible from the North South Espressway. Just head towards Rawang and you’ll see it on your left. Skyline Luge is opening today to the public and apparently, all online tickets have already been snapped up.

Some two decades and then some ago, I experienced my 1st luge ride at Skyline Rotorua, birthplace of the Luge. I remember that it was very thrilling and unforgettable so it was with high anticipation that I approached my 1st luge ride in Malaysia. We were given a ticket that entitled us to 3 Skyrides + 3 Luge rides. We call it “Skyride” here but in New Zealand, it’s called “Gondola”.

Anyway, the Skyride here seats 4 persons and even this is very exciting as we get a bird’s eye view of the valley, rainforest and North South Expressway. If you have vertigo, don’t look down. There are safety nets below which is very comforting. The staff are all friendly, helpful and extremely professional. Some of them are from Skyline Rotorua!

Choose your helmet size before queueing for the Skyride
Bird’s eye view from the Skyride
Up, up and AWAY!

Everything is so orderly and organised at Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur. Before joining the queue for the Skyride, choose your helmet size from the big box. I tried on L size but it didn’t really fit well so I had to take XL. Your ticket for the Skyride gets scanned every time you queue up so there’s no way you can get a 4th ride if you have only paid for 3.

I love the Skyride as it’s so nice to look down from way up high. Wished the ride could have been longer. When it reaches the top, jump off the chairlift and join the queue for “First Rides”. There is a 2nd queue for “Ride Again” and that queue is shorter, For first-timers, we are given a briefing on how to steer and brake the Luge. Actually it’s very simple as you just have to pull back the handle bar if you want to go slow or brake while you let go if you want to accelerate,

Just like I don’t use my phone when I drive my car, I don’t use my phone while I am in the Luge. I can’t steer or brake with one hand. There were 2 paths for us to choose from. I chose the shorter route first as I was slightly apprehensive but there was no need to be as the ride was completely enjoyable, so much fun that I went back up as soon as my Luge arrived back down and this time, I chose the longer route.

I felt like Penelope Pitstop from Wacky Races
One of the staff is from Australia and worked at Skyline Rotorua
Ready, Set, GO!

After my 3rd ride which was so awesome that I wished I had another 3 rides, it was time to join in the celebration/festivities as Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur was officially opened with an acrobatic lion dance and firecrackers. I had a great time having my photo taken with the colourful characters who made the place so much more colourful.

3 rides wasn’t enough
The juggling stilt walker
This cyclist is the best!
The lion dancers were incredible

The fun doesn’t end with the Luge as it is time to visit Fun Park with its spinning tea cup and merry-go-round.

I do like spinning tea cups
With mascots of Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur
Big Bucket Splash

Skyline Luge Kuala Lumpur is best enjoyed with friends and family as racing downhill in a group would be so much more fun than going solo & besides, you do need someone to capture those Instagrammable moments. i would recommend going early as it can get quite hot by noon.