Full Body Airbags Massage With Gintell S7 SuperChair


Program consulted by Dato’ Seri Master Chris Leong

While waiting for Gintell’s Brand Ambassador, Simon Yam to make his appearance for the Meet & Greet session and Gintell Signature Showroom Grand Opening at Pavilion KL yesterday afternoon, I had the opportunity to try out one of Gintell’s excellent massage chairs, the S7 SuperChair. S7 lets you customize up to 875 combinations with its dual/twin 4D rollers providing you a full body deep tissue massage & relaxation.

So what are 4D Twin Rollers? They’re the 1st twin rollers that can be combined into 1 to provide full coverage & deep tissue massage. It has full Airbag Massage which translates to airbag compression to loosen muscle tension. There are 32 airbags which are segregated and located on shoulders, arms, waist & back.

I tried the S7 SuperChair
A good experience

It’s not called the SuperChair for nothing. It has an airbag system that releases heat on the lower back and calves to help relax, soothe muscles and heal damaged tissue as it enables better blood circulation. I had a great massage from head to foot and could feel the rollers working to ease away the tension on my entire body.

The 2 things I liked most about the S7 SuperXhair:

  1. 100% reflexology of 360° air-calf massage which covers from calf to sole. It also slightly pulls to stretch your feet and ankle.
  2. 230° angle reclination to provide a full body stretch that focuses on neck, shoulder, back, waist, and lower body to relief body tensions and mental stress.

As I still have that awful heel spur, I feel that this SuperChair might be able to help soothe the ache. I could feel my feet and ankle being stretched. The 3D rotational foot guasa comes with the 1st 360 Air-Calf massage covering from calf to sole, providing a soothing yet effective massage enhancing blood stimulation, comfort and relaxation to reduce the stress and stiffness on the leg and ankle.

For more information, please visit GINTELL S7 SUPERChAiR