Fujifilm Launches Astalift Moist Lotion


Fujifilm Corporation, a forerunner in nanotechnology is redefining anti-aging skincare with its newly updated Astalift Moisture Lotion. The high-function lotion contains a new composite ingredient, CL Refresher®, which is designed to make your skin elastically firm and refreshingly supple.

Throughout the years, most studies on collagen focused on increasing its production, but little progress had been made on the impact of degraded collagen on the dermis. Fujifilm began researching the mechanism of collagen regeneration and discovered that collagen that becomes degraded and fragmented due to damage from aging and UV rays can build up within the skin, reducing its firmness and elasticity.

Based on its findings, Fujifilm successfully developed Nano Vitamin Ax, a proprietary ingredient that promotes the skin’s collagen metabolism. Nano Vitamin Ax combines Vitamin A with the antioxidant astaxanthin to produce nanoparticles of the world’s smallest level of 50 nanometers, dispersed in solution to form a nano-solution.

Further efforts by Fujifilm to promote collagen regeneration led to the discovery that adding collagen peptide to Nano Vitamin Ax would increase its efficacy.  CL Refresher® combines Fujifilm’s proprietary ingredient, Nano Vitamin Ax with collagen peptides to clear the skin of damaged collagen to firm and moisturise skin.

The new Astalift Moist Lotion uses the “Smart Refill®” refillable cartridge system, designed to keep the pump tube unexposed during the refill process to ensure hygiene and prevent spillage. The refillable container reduces the use of plastic from previous models by approximately 60% and comes with a carbon offset credit to further reinforce Fujifilm’s environmental initiatives.

The Astalift Moist Lotion retails at RM148/130ml. For more information, please visit www.astalift.com.my