Fake People Who Pretend To Be Nice Are Worse Than Mean People


fake-peopleEvery single one of us has met some mean people at one time or another, people who are intent on making our life hell. At least their intentions are clear. It’s the people who pretend to be nice that I am more concerned about and who really bother me because they go out of their way to establish a rapport with you, gain your trust and then when you least expect it, go back on their word. Strangely enough, it’s these very same people who send you inspirational stories about women and exhort you to read it as if it will make a huge difference to your life when they have already thrown you curve balls and given you irreversible emotional trauma, made you lose trust in womankind.

I don’t understand people who tell you things that they can accomplish and when you fall for their stories hook, line and sinker and actually assist them, they go into silent mode and you are left to clean up their mess. Months later, they contact you and guess what, bizarrely act as if nothing has happened. They have conveniently forgotten what they have promised and then when you remind them that you were put into a more-than-awkward position thanks to their inaction, they offer no explanation. At least give me an excuse, even if it is a fake one. I might feel better that way, like they slipped, hit their head and had amnesia for the few months they went incommunicado.

Sometimes I think fake people who pretend to be nice are much worse than mean people. Mean people are transparent, you know they are mean from the outset and you can avoid them if possible. Fake people who pretend to be nice will gain your trust and even respect through months and years of friendship. All of a sudden, they can do a complete U-turn after you have helped pave the way for them and these are the people one has to beware of. They are smooth talkers and can probably convince anyone but remember that what goes around comes around and there is something called karma.


  1. You are right, it is easier to deal with the nasty ones compared to those who ‘appear’ to be nice on the surface but are mean on the inside. The moral of the story is to be on the alert at all times as these ‘nice’ people have the ability to lull one into complacency!

    Great article, looking forward to more of Juniper’s insights!