Express Lunch @ Urban Hotel Istana


dscn98611Busy executives looking for a quiet restaurant with a cosy ambiance to entertain guests during lunch hour should consider Urban Restaurant @ Hotel Istana as they have an express lunch menu at RM59nett. The choices range from Chinese, Japanese to a Western menu thereby catering to guests looking for Oriental meals.

I tried the Western menu options as they looked more tantalising although I was slightly tempted to request for one of the bento boxes (there are 2 selections for the bento boxes). Someone else had the Chinese Fusion option which is also 3-course.


Cured fjord Salmon with Sugar & Salt, Pamplemousse Salad, Pickled Hanshimeji Mushrooms, Sour Cream Spheres, Balsamic Caviar

I love appetisers which have beautiful presentations such as my salmon appetiser. I could eat a lot more salads if every one was presented as nicely as this one and it hits all the right notes, sweet, salty, sour, bitter.


(Chinese fusion) Hot and Sour Soup, Chicken Prawn Mousse Ballatine, Japanese Noodle, Black Ear Fungus, Green Peas

This is a fusion version of hot and sour soup, there are a lot of ingredients in this soup. It’s not that sour, very palatable.


Duck Leg Confit, Casssoulet Style Bean, Roast Potatoes and Mandarin Orange Sauce

Some duck dishes can be rather dry but this main course is juicy and tender and goes well with the tangy sauce. There could just be a bit more potato. Generally, the plates are very big and the portion looks small.


Wok Fried Mongolian Beef, Braised Lotus Roots, Baby Kailan and Thai Fragrant Steamed Rice

The beef is tender but again, I think the portion could be slightly bigger as this is the main course.


Banana Coconut Ice Pops dipped in dark chocolate

The presentation is so visually appealing and everything on this plate is yummy. I especially loved the slices of banana topped with creamy peanut butter, would have eaten another dozen of these if available.

dscn98891 dscn98901

Traditional Chinese Sweet Potato & Ginger Broth

Comes in a beautiful blue and white bowl with a cute spoon.