Estee Lauder Rose Tea Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick


Once upon a time when there were a lot fewer beauty brands available in Malaysia, one of my favourite lipsticks were the Pure Color Long Lasting Lipsticks from Estee Lauder. Packaging was kind of bulky and old fashioned (but that’s looking at it retrospectively) what with the square gold cap but in those days, there were far fewer brands for comparison, one didn’t notice such things.

In those days, Estee Lauder was definitely my go-to brand for make-up. Right now I am using their Rose Tea Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick which doesn’t look as dark on the lips as it does on the tube. It’s pink-based and should be suitable for lighter skin tones.

The texture of this lipstick is heavy and thick but I believe this is the old formulation. This one has a very creamy feel to it and it’s rather drying which is why I always have to use a lip gloss over it. Of course, I can use a lip balm before applying it but I prefer using a lip gloss as it enhances the cracks on my lips if I use it on its own.

It isn’t as long lasting as I would wish. I’d certainly have to re-apply after a meal and even if I haven’t had a drink or a meal, I need to touch-up after 2 hours if I wear it without any lip gloss. I believe the new formulation of this lipstick would be much better and comfortable to wear.

Note : Product was a press sample.