Estee Lauder Deluxe EyeShadow Compact


One of the reasons why I look forward to Estee Lauder Blockbuster Sets every year is because of their deluxe eyeshadow compact in the set. I’m not so interested in the blush compact or the lip products. In 2010, Estee Lauder Pure Color eyeshadows were reformulated and the first new Pure Color eyeshadows were available in the form of the Deluxe Eyeshadow Compact in the Blockbuster 2010 Collection.

This is the Deluxe Eyeshadow Compact from the Isetan exclusive set (the set I purchased and from which the swatches below are taken):-

This is the Deluxe Eyeshadow Compact in the 2nd set available at Isetan also and other department stores:-

I preferred the shades from the 1st set but generally the colours are rather soft and very suitable for day wear. Half of the colours in the 1st set are also in the 2nd set. There is a good mix of different textures such as matte, satin and shimmer. Pigmentation is average, these aren’t outstanding colours that will garner much attention.

Nevertheless, I love this compact as there are so many possible combinations and because each shadow is only 0.45g, I can hit pan faster than if I purchased the mono eyeshadows. If I like a particular one and decide I can’t live without it, I may decide to purchase the mono shadows.

From the 1st row:-

1. Ivory Slipper (Satin)

2. Silver Bell (Shimmer)

3. Tranquil Moon (Satin)

4. Smoky Ember (Shimmer)

5. Candy Crave (Satin)

6. Polished Platinum (Shimmer)

From the 2nd row:-

7. Enchanted Forest (Shimmer)

8. Hot Cinnamon (Shimmer)

9. Peacock Blue (Shimmer)

10. Sugar Biscuit (Satin)

11. Amethyst Spark (Shimmer)

12. French Vanilla (Satin)

From the 3rd row:-

13. Wild Sable (Matte)

14. Nude Fresco (Satin)

15. Berry Burst (Shimmer)

16. Safari Green (Shimmer)

17. Tempting Mocha (Shimmer)

18. Provocative Plum (Matte)

Having 18 colours in this compact makes this a fantastic travelling palette. I’d have liked to see a mini brush in there instead of 2 sponge applicators though one can’t really complain given the value-for-moneyness of this compact.

I have noticed that more than a few of the colours are repeated in seasonal/limited edition compacts released in 2011. Some of the more common and popular repeats are Ivory Slipper Enchanted Forest, Nude Fresco, Hot Cinnamon, Sugar Biscuit, Safari Green and Tempting Mocha which makes it easy for me not to consider getting these later limited edition compacts in view that the same colours are already in my compact.

Overall, this is an excellent palette although the quality of the eyeshadows cannot be compared to their mono eyeshadows. Even with regular daily usage, this compact will last a long time. A versatile compact which I have found extremely handy.