Essence The Great & Powerful Highlighter Powder



Most of us stay away from highlighter powders especially if we have oily skin but they can be very useful for emphasizing our cheekbones. I wonder how many make-up products have been inspired by the Disney movie “Oz The Great and Powerful”. I was so pleased to see Essence The Great & Powerful Highlighter Powder at Boots in Bangkok because I knew it wouldn’t be available here.

The packaging is very simple as the cover is plastic and transparent, really no-frills and I guess that is why the price is very reasonable. I was expecting shimmer galore but that isn’t apparent on the surface of the powder which by the way is very pretty what with all the embossed words relating to the movie.


See much shimmer? No? Neither do I as whatever shimmer there is, it’s very subtle and hardly noticeable. It’s great as a setting powder over liquid foundation. I can use this one all over the face without worrying about the shine/shimmer.

Essence The Great & Powerful Highlighter Powder is 240 baht/10g.