Esmeria Organics Glasswort Facial Travel Set


I’ve known about Esmeria Organics since their skincare was first available at Caring Pharmacy outlets. I do make it a point to keep tabs on what’s new at our drugstores. I thought it was notable that they were Malaysia’s first EcoCert brand but never got round to trying out their products until now when I got my hands on their Glasswort Facial Travel Set for Dry & Mature Skin.

There are 2 other Facial Travel Sets, i.e. Alpine Willlowherb for Oily & Acne Prone Skin and Prickly Pear for Normal to Combination Skin. The Facial Travel Sets consist of a cleanser, toner and moisturiser – basic care and all anyone needs for a few days away from home. The sizes are perfect for bringing along as hand luggage too.

According to the Glasswort Facial Travel Set description, the products contain Mediterranean Glasswort to provide, maintain and boost skin’s moisturising factor. They also contain Peruvian Inchi with Essential Fatty Acids to promote skin’s health and prevent free radical damage related aging.

The Cleansing Lotion is creamy and it works to cleanse skin of light makeup but isn’t effective to cleanse my skin thoroughly of foundation and powder. My skin doesn’t feel tight or dry after washing off this cleanser.

I can’t say much about the Comforting Toner other than that it preps my skin for the 3rd step, moisturiser. The Moisturising Cream is not too thick so it absorbs quite fast but it’s just a normal moisturiser which has average hydration for me.

There is a scent which in all 3 products which is pleasant and should not trouble those who generally prefer unscented skincare. However, I found the skincare to be too basic and while I like the idea of the products in travel friendly sizes, I don’t feel the urge to purchase the full sized products.

The Facial Travel Sets retail at RM19.90.