Escargots Are Not Just For Consumption : NOPS All In One Snail Healing Cream


A few years ago, I’d already read about the Geisha-inspired facial which uses “uguisu no fun” or nightingale droppings” for brightening skin. So it’s not a surprise that NOPS has an All In One Snail Healing Cream which has snail secretion (read : snail mucus) as one of its ingredients.

It’s called “All In One” because apparently, you don’t need to apply toner after you’ve cleansed your face. You just apply this Snail Healing Cream after you’ve washed your face, thus eliminating the need for toner.

Other than being fragrance-free, it is also coloring-free. It does have a rather mucusy texture so it is neither creamy nor gel-like. I’ve never seen a moisturiser with this kind of consistency but it is lightweight.

It feels a little sticky when you touch it with your fingers but isn’t at all sticky once applied to the face and it absorbs rapidly. I’m not put off by the fact that it contains snail mucus since I’m quite adventurous when it comes to bizarre ingredients in beauty products.

I use this cream day and night and when I apply it before I go to sleep, I wake up to quite moisturised skin. It’s a moisturiser with a difference in the sense that it contains an unusual ingredient.

It’s in a 75g tub and priced at RM110.

Note : The All In One Snail Healing Cream was provided by NOPS for review.