Eau Thermale Avène Atopic Eczema Workshop Part 2


Mr. Alexandre Giraudon, Avène Marketing Manager presented the 2nd half of the Eau Thermale Avène Atopic Eczema Workshop. Long before the brand Avene was founded, their Hydrotherapy Centre has been in existence utilizing the goodness of the thermal spring water to treat patients with skin conditions. Today, the Hydrotherapy Centre welcomes 3,000 patients a year. Drinking 1.5 litres of Avene water daily is recommended to patients. Avene Thermal Spring Water is renowned worldwide for its soothing, anti-irritation and anti-inflammatory properties.


Avène recommends 2 products in particular to treat patients with atopic eczema – Trixera and Avene Thermal Spring Water.






Cleanse skin by using soapless products, respect skin pH level. Moisturise skin with Trixera Cream (for face and body), an emollient cream rich in texture which will soften, nourish and protect your skin. Use for atopic skin or psoriasis, e.g. those with itchy scalps.


When applying to the scalp, apply with fingertips going from section to section in slow, circular movements over entire scalp. Leave overnight if possible. Remove with a hypo-allergenic shampoo. Should be applied 1-3 times a week.

There are alternatives to scratching. Trying to stop makes the need to scratch worse so how to keep the skin soothed?

1. Soak a piece of tissue with Avene Thermal Spring Water, keep the tissue wet. Place on skin for 15 minutes, then apply an emollient.

2. To prevent and relieve itching, apply an emollient several times a day.

3. Keep Avene Thermal Spring Water in the fridge before spraying on skin for extra soothing effect.

4. Place a refreshing cool water bag over skin. Place a piece of tissue in between the bag and skin.

5. Pour frozen peas in a sealed bag so they can be used again and place over skin. Place a piece of tissue in between the bag and skin.

6. Soft, smooth pebbles can be placed directly on skin.

7. Cut nails short, causes less harm.

8. Use a massage wheel on skin.

9. Tap the itchy area with palms and press. Press palms on forehead instead of scratching.

10. Repress the urge to scratch, keep hands busy with a stress ball.

11. Handicrafts are a good way of occupying hands and mind.

12. Apply relaxation techniques such as abdominal breathing.

13, Divert a child’s attention by singing nursery rhymes (I would tell them a made-up story!).

14. Remove sweat with Avene Thermal Spring Water when playing sports.

15. Apply emollient before bedtime. Skin will be less dry and it promotes sleep.

16. Keep Thermal Spring Water and emollient by bedside.

17. Room temperature of 18C is recommended and sleep with cotton or silk gloves.

Très instructif non?