A Very Satisfying Lunch At Durga’s Food Stall Bangsar


dsc_0907When it comes to food, I am one of those who value quality and price over ambiance. I’ve been to a fair number of posh restaurants which left me disappointed with my meal and service. To add salt to the wound, the prices at such establishments did not justify the quality of the meal. That’s why it’s so satisfying to find a food stall smack in the middle of Bangsar such as Durga’s Food Stall, located next to what must be the most happening and popular nasi kandar stall in Bangsar where dozens of people queue up patiently from 1130am onwards.

It’s not that I hadn’t noticed Durga’s Food Stall before but somehow or other, I didn’t have lunch there until about an hour ago. This stall has been in operation for 15 years (I had a brief chat with the owner). They have a wide variety of vegetables, this would be THE stall to head to if you are a vegetarian who happens to be in that area. In fact, the vegetarian dishes looked more appetising and appealing than the meat and fish dishes.

dsc_0908dsc_0909I was immediately drawn to the winter melon with yoghurt and turmeric (image above the omelette) and my instinct was right. It was so awesomely good with a slightly sourish, creamy taste combined with the still crunchy winter melon pieces. I felt like going back for seconds.

The omelette roll is fried with assorted vegetables and the best thing about it is that it is not at all oily. Some omelette can leave a horrible oily taste in your mouth but this vegetarian omelette is perfection.

I look forward to my next visit to Durga’s Food Stall.