Drugstore Flop Of The Week #1 : Pure Beauty Bon Voyage Masks

Restoring Line Decrease Mask and Firming & Lifting Mask

The fact that products are called “Bon Voyage” kind of implies that they are intended for travelling. They are supposed to be able to be resealed but I found that was the major defect of the sachets.

Once you unsealed them, there was no way for them to be resealed as the cap came off and could not be reattached, thus rendering them not travel-friendly at all. It’s best not to leave home with them. So much for “The resealable sachet pack makes it convenient for travelling.”

Both the Restoring Line Decrease Mask and the Firming & Lifting Mask claim to reduce wrinkles and lines as well as hydrate and smoothe skin. In other words, these are anti-ageing products but of course don’t expect miracles with one sachet (15ml) which is good for 4-5 uses.

The Firming & Lifting Mask has a stronger fragrance than the Restoring Line Decrease Mask. Both have a creamy and easily spreadable texture. They are to be left on for 10-15 minutes and can be rinsed off or not (depending on your preference). If you don’t wish to rinse off the residue, just wipe off with a tissue or sponge.

While my skin felt hydrated after usage of both masks, there were no signs of improved skin elasticity or firmness nor any decrease of fine lines, not that I had any such initial expectations. Try them if you want mildly hydrating (not line reducing, suppleness improving) masks without having to fork out a lot but do not take them on your travels unless you can finish one sachet before the end of your stay.

All the Bon Voyage skincare sachets are made in Switzerland. I think that they should first and foremost, improve on the packaging. The little cap on top of the sachets is too flimsy and it’s ridiculous to say that they are convenient for travelling when they so apparently are not.


    • twist the cap to open it, then turn it upside down(the cap) to reseal it. it’ll fit in the opening where the product comes out, sort of like a plug. it suppose to work like that, or maybe urs have defect or something.

    • Thanks for the tip. Packaging wasn’t the only reason they were deemed flops. I purchased another 2 products (eye cream and serum) from the same range and they didn’t do anything for me.