Dr For Hair Looks Interesting Thanks To The Dead Sea Salt


dsc_4640These Dr For Hair products I came across in Watsons look rather interesting as they don’t describe the products pictured above as “shampoo” and “conditioner” but “sea salt scaler” and “kaoline scalp pack” respectively.

dsc_4637Sea Salt Scaler RM89/200ml

Sea salt scaler, formulated with the mineral-rich dead sea salt and Cleomilk, would effectively relieve and alleviate excess sebum, dirt, and itching which the ordinary shampoo couldn’t resolve easily. It works to keep the scalp calm and flake free.

dsc_4638Kaoline Scalp Pack RM79/200ml

Kaoline scalp pack, formulated with the Kaoline clay and vegetable organosulfur, calms down the sensitive scalp and the mineral rich Czech Karlovy hot spring water would nourish, soften and moisture your scalp and hair.