Dove Weightless Repair 1 Minute Foam Conditioner


dsc_7157Good to know Dove has quite a few variations of its 1 minute conditioners. I’d also like to try Dove Weightless Repair 1 Minute Foam Conditioner which has a lightweight foam formula that nourishes fine, normal hair that has little to no damage. Not that I have that type of hair though. With every wash, it helps to instantly smooth and detangle hair, leaving it feeling beautifully nourished, while repairing or preventing damage in just 1 minute.

Thick hair masks and creamy deep conditioners: the more nourishing the product, the heavier it seems to be. But with fine hair, care needs to be lighter – and still just as moisturizing to give you the soft, smooth strands you’re searching for.  This hair conditioner works like a fine hair treatment. Combining iconic Dove hair care with a lightweight foam formula, this Dove conditioner nourishes hair without weighing it down.