Domino’s Pizza Reignites The Joy Of Reunion With Cheese Volcano

Recommended: Domino's Cheese Volcano Pizza

Recommended: Domino’s Cheese Volcano Pizza

Last Friday, I finally had the opportunity of tasting Domino’s Pizza’s NEW Cheese Volcano Pizza. The Cheese Volcano is a unique creation that promises an interactive and fun pizza experience. This limited-time offer features a luscious molten cheese centerpiece resembling a volcano, skilfully crafted from a golden pizza crust. This innovative one-of-a-kind pizza invites customers to enjoy the pizza in various exciting ways. With the freedom to dip pizza slices or favorite sides into the rich and flavorful cheese sauce, each bite is enhanced with an eruption of flavors. It takes the meaning of sharing a pizza to a new level of fun. Available in various tempting options, there are three varieties to choose from; Volcano Cheese Beef Pepperoni, Volcano Cheese Chicken Pepperoni and Volcano Cheese Aloha Chicken.

The melted cheese in the middle of the pizza looks like egg yolk. I think the amount of cheese is actually very generous and goes so well with the pizza as well as the sides. In my opinion, Aloha Chicken is the best flavour. The pizza bits in the middle nearest the cheese are so crispy and crunchy. It’s my favourite Domino’s pizza at the moment as I love cheese and what better way to enjoy Domino’s pizza than dipping it into copious amounts of cheese like this. Even when you reheat the pizza the next day as I did, it still tastes great.

The New Cheese Volcano comes in Large and Xtra Large sizes. For greater value, customers can opt for takeaways to enjoy the New Cheese Volcano at an incredible 50%. This offer is available on any day of the week! The all-new limited edition Cheese Volcano range is already available at all Domino’s Pizza stores for a limited time only. Visit Domino’s stores, order online at, or call 1300-888-333 to make an order. To learn more about Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s new Cheese Volcano range as well as other ongoing promotions, visit