Dior J’adore Touche de Parfum



The latest addition to Dior J’adore range is Dior J’adore Touche de Parfum, a small bottle of concentrated J’adore. This isn’t a spray bottle, you apply it by touching the cap to wherever you want to apply and when you continue by spraying on the J’adore fragrance of your choice, be it EDP or EDT, you get a very unique fragrance.

Dior J’adore Touche de Parfum is a new olfactory and sensory experience created by François Demachy. Contains Indian Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Damascus Rose Absolute and Sri Lankan Sandalwood Essence so the blend is floral-woodsy.

Dior J’adore Touche de Parfum retails at RM400/20ml. As this composition is extremely concentrated, this little bottle will probably go a long way as one just needs a drop here and there.