Dior J’adore Fragrances



The Dior J’adore fragrances are very popular and it’s easy to smell why, they are sensuous, feminine, sophisticated and you’ll be noticed if you wear any of the fragrances of which there are 5 variations. Of course the bottle is a keeper long after the fragrance has been used up. The J’adore bottle is a modern expression of the amphora Christian Dior chose for his first olfactory creations. Made entirely of glass, each bottle is hand-gilded with fine gold, sealed with a baudruche film, tightly wrapped with gold thread, and affixed with the Dior seal. Very pretty and chic! Always loved the masai-inspired bottleneck.

These are the 5 Dior J’adore fragrances:-

1. DIOR J’adore L’Or Essence de Parfum Spray 40ml/RM519

The strongest of the J’adore fragrances, just a few spritzes will last all day. The noblest of raw materials mingle harmoniously in J’adore L’Or. Rose de Mai and Jasmin de Grasse enhance its floral bouquet whilst oriental notes add precious opulence to the fragrance.


The sensuality and harmony of floral and oriental notes.

Top Note

ROSE DE MAI ABSOLUTE: Grown in Grasse, Rosa Centifolia, (the hundred-petalled rose), provides an extract that in turn yields an Absolute. Delicate yet powerful, Rosa Centifolia can also be evocative of mimosa.

Heart Note

JASMIN DE GRASSE ABSOLUTE: A symbol of gentle femininity, Jasmine is one of the most widely used flowers in perfumery. Its delicate nature makes it a perfume in its own right. Jasmine is one of the heart note ingredients of J’adore L’Or.

Base Note

TAHITIAN VANILLA ABSOLUTE: The white Vanilla flowers produce a fruit that takes 8 or 9 months to mature. The pods are harvested just before they ripen, then undergo a 34-month maturation process during which their perfume develops and Vanilla crystals appear. The Vanilla then reveals its sweet and spicy accord which blossoms in the base note of J’adore L’Or.

2. DIOR J’adore L’absolu Eau de Parfum Spray RM435 (50ml)/RM519 (100ml)

Luxuriant and sophisticated, J’adore L’absolu sublimely enhances the intensity and sensuality of its floral notes in a perfume in which flower absolutes harmoniously combine: sweet and vibrant Damask rose, seductive and luminous Arabian jasmine, and powerful and voluptuous Indian tuberose.


The intensity of a floral bouquet heightened by flower absolutes.

Top Note

DAMASK ROSE: Native to Turkey and Bulgaria, Damask rose, used in absolute form, is a must-have in the perfumer’s palette.

Heart Note

ARABIAN JASMINE: The symbol of feminine softness, jasmine is one of the most widely used flowers in perfumery. Its delicacy makes it a perfume in its own right.

Base Note

INDIAN TUBEROSE: Imported from India to Europe around 1600, tuberose is a herbaceous plant with clusters of highly fragrant white flowers. In J’adore L’absolu, Indian tuberose absolute adds a very heady, honeyed and orange-toned floral dimension, a distinguished and luxurious intensity.

3. DIOR J’adore Eau de Parfum Spray RM313 (50ml)/RM435 (100ml)

The incarnation of absolute femininity in an opulent fruity-floral bouquet. J’adore takes flight with a fresh accord of bergamot, opening into a vibrant armful of roses with a delicate jasmine drydown. The sensual, curvaceous lines of its amphora bottle make this a legendary perfume.


A rich and generous bouquet of flowers like no other.

Top Note

YLANG-YLANG OF THE COMORES: Grown in the Comoros archipelago, fresh ylang-ylang flowers are steam distilled to obtain the essence used by perfumers in a number of fragrances. Ylang-ylang blends well with a variety of floral notes, bringing elegance, volume and originality. Its array of emotions is released as the top note of J’adore.

Heart Note

DAMASK ROSE: Originally from Turkey and Bulgaria and a key element in the perfumer’s palette, Damask rose is used for its essence and absolute. It flourishes as the heart note of J’adore.

Base Note

SAMBAC JASMINE: The symbol of soft femininity, jasmine is one of the most commonly used flowers in perfumery. It is so delicate that it alone is a fragrance. Jasmine is one of the components of the heart note of J’adore.

4. DIOR J’adore Voile de Parfum Spray RM315 (50ml)/RM435 (100ml)

 A majestic and highly sophisticated Tuscan Iris opens the composition like a guest of honor. François Demachy deliberately gave it this unprecedented and alluring facet to distinguish and subtly renew the J’adore floral bouquet. Damask Rose then blooms with luminous sensuality, followed by the powdery and voluptuous density of white musks.


The softness of a powdery and musky floral signature.

Top Note

DAMASK ROSE: Native to Turkey and Bulgaria, Damask rose, used in absolute form, is a must-have in the perfumer’s palette.

Heart Note

TUSCAN IRIS: Iris absolute is one of the most precious elements of the perfumer’s palette. Its extraction is a very long and delicate process. The rhizome must first be dried for at least three years. Its extraordinarily strong, almost pervasive fragrance of powdery accords reveals its woody green tones, bringing to mind the reassuring aroma of warm bread.

Base Note

WHITE MUSKS: White Musks procure a cottony effect that is at once powdery and immaculate, an impression of being wrapped in softness.

5. DIOR J’adore Eau de Toilette Spray RM297 (50ml)/RM408 (100ml)

The story of the Eau de Toilette is written around flower essences.

Each essence is obtained through distillation, the Haute Parfumerie procedure that reveals the lavish, radiant and delicate facet of each flower.

Yellow Mandarin essence from Italy, Damask Rose essence and Neroli essence converge in precise harmony. Pride of place is reserved for orange blossom, the white flower that provides Neroli essence.

This luminous flower is hand picked in sunny Tunisian orchards, adding a note of subtlety, sophistication and elegance to the fragrance.

 Woody with a hint of vanilla, the base note adds character to the scent of J’Adore Eau de Toilette.


The delicateness and radiance of the floral bouquet enhanced with flower essences.

Top Note

YELLOW ITALIAN MANDARIN: The mandarin tree is cultivated in all the Mediterranean countries, but the highest quality fruit is produced in Sicily. Mandarins exist in yellow, green and red varieties, each corresponding to the various stages of the ripening fruit. Mandarin essence is a citrus note, offering fragrances a fresh, fruity accent. Present in the top note of J’Adore Eau de Toilette, mandarin instils the desire for travel.

Heart Note

DAMASK ROSE: Originating from Turkey and Bulgaria, Damask Rose is used in the form of an essence or an absolute. This key element of the perfumer’s palette flourishes at the heart note of J’adore.

Base Note

NEROLI ESSENCE: Neroli essence is obtained through the distillation of bitter orange blossom. In the heart of Milly-la-Forêt, this evocative note gives expression to the full, smooth scents that blend with the tender, mellow accord of the perfume.