Desserts & Snacks In Bangkok



Being in Bangkok is not just being in shopping paradise, it’s a foodie heaven too as there’s so many types of food. I love exploring their massive food courts where they have stylish cafes and unusual café concepts. Some of the cafes have such unique names like “Let Them Eat Cake” in Siam Center. Then there are ice cream vendors which offer such an amazing variety of cold treats such as the “cendol” ice cream (image above) which is so different from any ice cream I have had before. See the green bits within the ice cream? That’s the rice flour with green colouring which is the main ingredient in one of Malaysia’s favourite and most famous desserts.


My favourite café in Bangkok is Black Canyon which is also here in Malaysia (at Summit & Centrepoint) but I don’t know why the coffee at Black Canyon in Bangkok tastes much better. Black Canyon is known for their fusion cuisine but most people just go for their fine coffees. Their coffee comes with a small cup of biscuits which go so well with the coffee.


I never ever leave Bangkok without treating myself to the basil and tomato pork sausages available at Paragon food court, they’re so appetizing and I devour everything at one go. Wish they had the same thing over here.


Saint Etoile bakery in Paragon has such an assortment of breads, buns and pastries. This bakery is so good that it’s constantly crowded no matter what time of day I go. If they opened in Malaysia, I would be there almost everyday.


I came across Mr. Jones Orphanage, a dessert café in Siam Center. It has a whimsical theme with train tracks around and lots of teddy bears of various colours. I didn’t dine there but I like the concept which will appeal to young and old alike.


On the flight back, they served Foy Thong Cake which is Gold Egg Yolks Thread, it’s made with duck eggs or a combination of duck and chicken eggs. It’s not too sweet and so good that I wanted another one. It’s so fluffy and light!


  1. Hi, I am taking Thai class now. I also learnt about Foy Thong Cake, it sound really interesting to me! I am excited to see you introduce it in this post, it is really different from what I imagine. I will certainly try it when I go to Bangkok. Thanks for introducing!