Decorte Liposome Treatment Liquid



Introduced in August 2015, Decorte Liposome Treatment Liquid is the industry’s first multi-layered liposome lotion that revitalizes ‘skin capacitor’ and instantly improves a weakened stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the epidermis). This high-performance lotion addresses roughness, dryness and dullness in aging skin, as well as irregular texture caused by the weakening of the stratum corneum.

I have been using this as a lotion mask with Daiso sheet masks. It helps in retaining and improving my skin hydration and softness. I can feel the difference between this product and other brand’s toners. Decorte Liposome Treatment Liquid is more effective in prolonging skin hydration. It has a very relaxing scent featuring fragrances of herbs, spices and flowers.

Decorte Liposome Treatment Liquid retails at RM378.40/170ml (GST inclusive).

Product reviewed is a press sample.