Dealing With Ninja Van Really Made My Blood Pressure Go Up

My blood pressure on the up and up no thanks to Ninja Van
My blood pressure on the up and up no thanks to Ninja Van
My blood pressure on the up and up no thanks to Ninja Van

Normally, I have some patience like other people when it comes to waiting for my parcels to arrive but my most recent experience really takes the cake. I have 2 parcels from Shopee sellers coming my way via Ninja Van. The 1st parcel arrived at their Selangor hub on 21st June while the 2nd parcel arrived there on 24th June.

Ever since those dates, they update the status as “Parcel has arrived at the delivery hub, Selangor MY” without any further movement. So enough was enough, I had already applied for refunds for my orders on the Shopee app but nowadays, they take forever to respond to my request for refund.

This afternoon, I emailed Ninja Van’s Customer Service & this is the reply from their agent #1 :

“Both parcels are currently located at the Taman Desa hub. There was a delayed delivery for this parcel, hence, we will escalate to the relevant team for further monitoring and to expedite the parcel delivery. Our team is working hard on getting deliveries completed as soon as possible.”

It’s the usual spiel/excuse on them working hard to get deliveries completed asap which I take with more than a pinch of salt. My 1st parcel has already been sitting there for a week and they’re working hard? I really hate this kind of BS standard textbook reply.

Then I replied to #1 asking if I could collect the parcel from the Taman Desa hub and this is the reply :

“We would like to apologize for the delay in the delivery. We are trying our best to expedite your deliveries. However, please be informed that self-collection arrangements need to be made 1 day earlier. Therefore, we only can arrange the self-collection at our hub in Taman Desa for 29/06/2022.

Kindly revert back to us if you agree and wish to proceed with self-collection at Taman Desa for 29/06/2022. Upon confirmation, we will provide more details to you”.

Of course I wished to proceed with self-collection since I had no choice. So I replied that I wished to self-collect and to ask for more details. #1 didn’t reply to my email or my subsequent email. How to get a response out of them? Send a fresh email of course.

It worked. Someone else whom I shall call #2 replied :

“Once the parcel is ready for self collection you will receive a call from us and you can walk in to our hub to self-collect the parcel once you have receive a call from us. Our self-collection time is from 9 am- 5 pm”.

Wait. It wasn’t over. Another email arrived as a reply to my first few emails to #1 but this time, it was from a 3rd agent whom I shall call #3 :

“We apologize for the misleading information given. Please note, the arrangement self collection at our hub will take 1-3 days after the arrangement has been made. We are unable to provide any exact dates for the parcel will collected. Once the parcel is ready to be collected, we will notify you. Please reply to us if you agree to self collect the parcel at our Taman Desa hub”.

They are so confused that they can’t even give the correct and proper information to anyone. My head was spinning after reading all these emails. They can’t deliver and it tales them days to arrange for self-collection. I thought Shopee Express was bad but this company makes my blood pressure go up (it’s true as my systolic was below 120 this morning but after all these emails, it became 144!). I give up, really my bad luck to have my parcels assigned to this kind of company.