Couldn’t Resist Getting These Cute Fabric Masks


dsc_8717There’s a fashion accessories shop outside a supermarket in my area who sold fabric masks at RM8 before the MCO was in place. They were closed for weeks until CMCO this week and now the price of the masks is between RM12-18. I presume it is to make up for the loss of business for over a month. These 3 masks are my latest acquisitions from Shopee Malaysia and they’re really cute.

dsc_8718dsc_8720dsc_8721They are quite thin with only 2 layers but with a pocket to insert the pads which the seller included. The fabric isn’t that soft and in fact the Hello Kitty one feels rougher than the other two. The softest one is the red with Mickey’s silhouetted face. It was a bundle purchase where any 3 would get me a small discount. Free shipping sealed the deal. Each mask cost slightly over RM7 after the discount.