Continuing My Food Trail : The Ganga Cafe Bangsar

The Ganga Cafe lorong Kurau Bangsar
The Ganga Cafe Lorong Kurau Bangsar

What brought me to The Ganga Cafe was Google. I was searching for restaurants that serve poori (one of my favourite Indian meals) and landed on this cafe. There aren’t that many Indian restaurants that offer poori. Most of them have variations of rotis, chapatis, tosais but pooris isn’t available in most places. I’ve never been to Lorong Kurau which is nestled among residences. I read the online reviews and they were mostly positive but I don’t trust positive reviews 100%. I have a skeptical nature.

Parking on a weekday mid-morning wasn’t that difficult, perhaps because it isn’t as commercial an area as the Telawi area. Now that would be a challenge on any day, even public holidays. Maybe this road would be more crowded with the brunch time crowd on Sundays but I don’t think I will be back here on a Sunday.

Parked in front of Baba Low’s and was actually tempted to brunch there because it was quite crowded for 11.30 am but nope, I stuck to my mission of checking out The Ganga Cafe as I wanted to invite my friend for brunch this Sunday and I have to bring her to somewhere she’s never been to before. The Ganga Cafe was even more crowded than Baba Low’s but managed to get a table for 2.

The Standalones
The Snacks
The Creamy Delights

They’re famous for their Chaats which is a savoury snack. You get a combination of different tastes – sweet, savoury, salty, crunchy and spicy. It’s like the Indian version of that delicious Nyonya snack – pie tee. Not exactly the same but similar in that they both have fillings (vegetable) in a hollow shell. The table next to me had ordered Pani Poori served with sweet tamarind and spiced mint water.

Puri Set
Light Thali

My Puri Set came with potatoes and spiced lentil stew (dhal). I’m not sure if they’d oblige with more dhal but both the potatoes and dhal were hardly enough for the 2 pieces of puri. The only good thing is that the puri wasn’t oily but the potatoes and dhal didn’t make an impression, lacking in quantity and quality.

As for the Light Thali, one look at it told me I have seen better at most other Indian restaurants. The taste was average at best. You can choose between rice or chapati. I asked about their Sunday brunch buffet but was informed it is only available at their Mont Kiara outlet and if anyone wants to know, it is RM35. I googled for the Sunday brunch buffet price but was unable to find. After this test run, I won’t be going for the buffet.