Colgate Plax Fruity Fresh Mouthwash Is My Favourite


dsc_9575There are many choices of mouthwash in the market but my absolute favourite has to be Colgate Plax Fruity Fresh Mouthwash as I love the fruit flavour and non-stinging effect. Some mouthwash can be too strong for me like those with only mint. In the past 2 weeks, I bought 3 bottles of Colgate Plax Fruity Fresh Mouthwash on colgate.os on Shopee as they offer discount vouchers.

The discount vouchers vary from RM3-5 but then so does the price of the mouthwash. However after redeeming with Shopee coins, it’s a lot cheaper than what I would have to pay at supermarkets and pharmacies. I just ordered the 4th bottle 2 days ago. Their customer service is very good as they attend to any enquiries promptly and efficiently. The bottles always arrive in a box with plenty of bubble wrap.

Using mouthwash after brushing teeth at night does make a difference to my breath in the morning as I wake up with fresher breath. It does have quite a long-lasting effect. Although this mouthwash also contains mint, the mint scent is not as strong as mouthwash with just mint, the fruit extracts in this mouthwash help make it more palatable to me, not that I drink it of course.