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Tonic Body Treatment Oil

Pregnant women are often told that they are glowing and it’s a very happy time in a woman’s life as she anticipates the day when she will be holding her newborn. However women are also concerned about regaining their pre-pregnancy body shape as their body changes shape so much during pregnancy. Clarins has a range of pregnancy products for mums-to-be to take care of their bodies.


Stretch Mark Control (RM 212/20ml)

Prevention. Reduction No Fear of Stretch Marks

For many pregnant women, stretch marks are one of the most frustrating concerns. Want to get rid of them? You better be prepared from the very beginning of your pregnancy! Stretch marks happen when your body grows faster than your skin can keep up with. This causes the elastic fibres just under the surface of the skin to over stretch and break, resulting in stretch marks – commonly occurring on the belly, breasts, thighs, hips and buttocks. Unfortunately, you can never remove stretch marks once you get them.  CLARINS Stretch Mark uses exclusive Crowberry extract helps lift elasticity, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and the over-stretching areas resulting from pregnancy, and sooth the feeling of stretching.

Tonic Body Treatment Oil (RM220.50/100ml)

Firming. Toning.

Worrying about having loose skin and belly flab when your belly is growing?  To get rid of it and to enhance the skin elasticity to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, you need the best and most suitable body care product for yourself! CLARINS’ best-selling Tonic Body Oil which contains various pure plant extracts.  Its highly absorbable formula helps firm, tone and improve elasticity, preventing and smoothing the appearance of stretch marks.

Clarins Pregnancy Products Make You a Perfect Mum-to-be

No More Pregnancy Blues

Step 1

Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin (RM150.50/200ml)

Exfoliating. A Delicate Veil of Softness

Casts-off rough, flaky surface cells and impurities, giving body skin radiance, softness. Get your skin prepared for the treatments that follows.

Step 2

Tonic Body Treatment Oil (RM220.50/100ml)

Firming. Toning.

Apply everyday with massage, helps improve elasticity to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and fight against loose skin.

Step 3

Stretch Mark Control (RM212/200ml)

Preventing and reducing the look of stretch marks

It enhances firmness, helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and ease the tenseness feeling of skin.

Step 4

Energizing Emulsion For Tired Legs (RM128.25/125ml)

Reduce fatigue. Relax Tired Legs

With precious plant extracts, this emulsion helps relax your legs, contribute to reduce water retention and fatigue for silky and refreshing skin.

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  1. I finished few tubes of the Strectch Mark Control and yes, it helped. No stretch mark. It’s funny I like bodycare from Clarins compared to their skincare.