Claire Organics Whitening Rose Hips Scrub



It’s always nice to have products which are handmade and produced in small batches rather than mass manufactured. Claire Organics Whitening Rose Hips Scrub make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts as they are beautifully packaged, not to mention they are a lot better value for money than flowers which have increased in price by 10-15% this year or so I hear. The products will last a lot longer than flowers, for sure.

Claire Organics Whitening Rose Hips Scrub has fine granules and I like this one more than the previous one featured here as the Lavender Oatmeal Scrub has a chunkier texture and tends to drop off as I am applying it on my skin but with the Whitening Rose Hips Scrub, it stays put on my skin while I am massaging it on. I do like finer textured body scrubs in general. The scent of this scrub is like crushed roses, nothing artificial about it.


There’s no doubt that Valentine’s Day is special especially for those caught up in the throes of love and who can forget their very first V-Day? Actually, I have but then again, it’s been too many years and maybe I’d rather forget that time. Anyway, there’s nothing like a nice day out whether you are with your other half or with friends and family whom you cherish. There are two jars of this Claire Organics Whitening Rose Hips Scrub for Juniper’s Journal readers & believe me when I say that whoever wins will adore this scrub.

Terms and conditions of this Giveaway:-

1. Giveaway exclusively for those who have ‘liked’ Juniper’s Journal’s Facebook page 


Claire Organics Facebook page & with Malaysian addresses only.

2. Giveaway ends at 11.59pm Sunday 9th February 2014.                     .

3. Winner will be contacted via email once results are announced in this same post. Please respond within twenty four (24) hours otherwise another winner will be selected.

4. Prize will be dispatched by Claire Organics directly.


Just answer one question here:-

Describe your ideal Valentine’s Day – how and where would you like to spend it (doesn’t have to be in Malaysia, maybe you have a dream destination?).

Updated 10th February 2014

All your comments were so good that I had a tough time choosing but the 2 winners of this Giveaway are:-

Stephanie Koh & Xin Yu






  1. My ideal Valentine’s Day would be going off somewhere out of the town or country for a short escape. Best if it’s a beach vacation. I love beach alot! I think it would be very romantic for me and my other half to sit at the beach, sipping on some cocktails, enjoying the breeze, looking at the sunset… But if on a tight budget, I wouldn’t mind staying at home. Whipping up a candle light dinner together. That would be something special too. I don’t like going out for a Valentine’s dinner. Having the same course dinner like every normal days, but paying double the price and the crowds…urgh…I don’t like. I prefer simplicity.

  2. I have a very wild imagination when it comes to dream destination. Most would like to go places such as France or Greece but I like something unique. I like to go into the book where we can experience different type life or places such as the Hansel and Gretel house of candies, the magic world of Harry Potter or Journey to the Centre of the Earth. I am sure it would more interesting than just having dinner at a restaurant.

  3. Dear Juniper’s Journal,

    Valentine’s Day! Celebrating this romantic festival at Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong will be my dream destination!^^ I really love the night view there and it will be really romantic to celebrate Valentine’s Day at this breathtaking harbour~ I like how the lighting of buildings is reflected by the sea, so nice and pretty!!:D

  4. I hope I can celebrate this romantic day with my loved one at the beach of Maldives! I’m a girl who loves sun, beach and clear water and Maldives is always my dream destination~~ Really hope that I can visit this pretty island one day ^_^

  5. To me everyday is the LOVE day with my hubby….So to make it abit different, I need to spice it up….
    What I’ll do is to prepare something like a note with instruction to go where he needs to go/do….. something like a treasure map…. which will lead to a very nice romantic gazebo where I’ll be waiting for him with our candle light dinner under beautiful moon and sparkling stars by the sea…. =)


  6. It doesn’t matter where we go for Valentine’s, but I hope I can bring up the sparks in our relationship every time…even if things got mundane. My only wish for the one I loved is for him to relax and well-taken care for. 🙂
    Hopefully this scrub will make me smell nice for him too. 🙂

  7. IDEAL Valentine’s Day……Going to the City of Love, PARIS!! A nice cool walk by the Seine River…visiting the scenic old charms of the Notre Dame Cathedral, Montmarte and Versaille….picnic at the Place de Mars….taking beautiful pictures of Eiffel Tower from Tocadero….ending with scrumptious dinner near Boulevard St Michel.

    Most important is not the expensive stuff just for a day, but the sweet memories a couple could make every day that counts to make the love going strong for all lifetime.

  8. i would like to spend my Valentine’s day in Taiwan as I like a magic woman who aged 42 but still looks young, she create her own brand skin care products which made me mad about it and would like to cross over and purchase directly from her 🙂

  9. Gyrating hips on board a cruise ship,
    or dinner with an overpriced bouquet of roses?
    The how’s and where’s don’t matter much –
    as long as I’m with The One who rules my heart.