CK Bidan Received The “Best Prenatal & Postnatal Service Award” At The Motherhood Choice Awards 2023


As we all know, mother-to-be and new mothers need the best prenatal/postnatal care & services possible to ensure the wellbeing of mother & child. For over 15 years, CK Bidan have been providing traditional Malay postnatal care and wellness solutions in Singapore and Malaysia. They received the “Best Prenatal & Postnatal Service Award” At The Motherhood Choice Awards 2023.

They boast a team of 500 certified and extensively trained Bidan, meticulously chosen from a pool of 2000 applicants. CK Bidan operates across 250 service locations throughout Malaysia & Singapore, providing door-to-door postnatal massage services.

 According to the founder of CK BIDAN, many women are unaware of uterine prolapse, diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, and physiologic discomforts that arise during and after pregnancy; and these women lack time to take care of themselves during the postpartum period.

As a result, she decided to launch traditional Malay home postnatal care and wellness services and devote herself totally to this century-old industry, with one ultimate purpose in mind: to empower all women in attaining excellent vitality in the comfort of their own homes.

Pregnant women often experience various uncomfortable symptoms during their pregnancy: edema, back pain, cramps and many other issues; making them more susceptible to anxiety and tension. Therefore, an invigorating prenatal massage can help them relieve stress and maintain a happily relaxing state of mind.

CK Bidan’s bidan are experienced in prenatal massage. A prenatal massage, when done properly, will not harm the baby; instead, it encourages the baby’s healthy growth. Furthermore, women often encounter soreness at their lower back, neck and shoulder during their pregnancy. The bidan will put more emphasis on these areas in order to relieve the pain and soreness rapidly.

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