Chef Sherson Lian Serves Up 3 Course Meal At Nespresso Selection Vintage 2014 Launch


chefWhen I accepted the invitation to the Nespresso Selection Vintage 2014 launch, I had no idea there’d be sumptuous 3-course lunch specially curated by celebrity chef, Sherson Lian in line with the vintage coffee. The main courses were either dry-cured cod or aged wagyu-leek ash.


Smoked Cream Of Mushroom
Medley of Wild Mushrooms, Dehydrated Buttons, Coffee Croutons, Truffle Scent

Creamy and thick, this is a luxurious cream of mushroom with a smoky taste.


Aged Wagyu Leek-Ash
Wild Roots From The Earth, Pickled Pearl Shallots, Crispy Garlic, Jus De Boeuf, Carrot Greens Pesto

It could be because of the aging process that the meat tasted rather salty. It wasn’t to the point of being inedible but it was a lot more salty than I am accustomed to in my food. Nevertheless, everything came together beautifully in this main course and I especially liked the crispy garlic.


Aromatic Creme Caramel
Sweet Spices, “Old School” Iced Gems, Muscovado Sugar, Vintage Cheese Tuile, Kumquat, Cherry Splash

The Creme Caramel was perfectly made, not too sweet and so soft. The “Old School” Iced Gems were a nice touch, made the dessert look more colourful and appealing.


Nespresso Vintage Selection 2014

The meal wouldn’t be complete without the fabulous Nespresso Vintage Selection 2014, so smooth, fruity with a hint of sweetness. Well balanced coffee.