Chambers Bar & Grill Festival Menu



Ever watch Robert Rainford on “Licence To Grill”? All the meats and seafood he throws on to the grill get me salivating every time. Grilled meats and seafood are so delicious and mouth-watering because of all the seasoning that has infused into the food and anyway who doesn’t like grilled food?

Now Chambers Bar & Grill at Hilton KL takes grilled food to a whole new level, one that even Grill King, Robert Rainford will approve whole heartedly. Chambers Bar & Grill is one of the most elegant restaurants in town with polished wooden floors, mirrored ceilings and sleek black motifs. This is THE place to wine, dine and unwind after a particularly stressful day at work.

Patrons who dine here can watch the chefs at work and there are 3 types of grills.




The grill I found most fascinating is the “robatayaki” which as its name suggests, is a Japanese method of grilling. When lighted up, the grill looks like a mini volcano. The sand in the sand-pit has been imported from Japan. “Robata” is a very old method of country cooking adopted by Japanese fishermen.


Another interesting feature of Chambers Bar & Grill is the custom-built Himalayan Salt Tile Dry Aging Cabinet where prime cuts of beef are stored for at least 14 days to 29 or 36 days. The salt on the walls draws out the excess moisture in the meats (all of which are from Australia) and this enhances the flavor of the meats. Meats which have been age for longer than 14 days would be pricier than meats which have been aged for just 14 days. Chamber’s is the 1st restaurant with the cabinet but now, Marble 8 also has the same.


Heading Chambers Bar & Grill is Chef Kazi Hassan who is on a 2-year contract. Chef Kazi is from Victoria, Australia and the inspiration for his Festival Menu this year is nutritious yet delicious food with an emphasis on quality ingredients. Chef Kazi is one of the most approachable and friendly chefs I have ever met. There is always a smile on his face! A happy chef makes for happy diners.

This year’s Festival Menu at Chambers Bar & Grill is beautifully put together in every way.



Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Beef, Quinoa Slaw and Spiced Orange Drizzle

You can see just how moist and juicy the wagyu beef is. I am getting really hungry just looking at the image. The beef is so tender that I didn’t even have to chew, it was so good that I felt like asking for seconds and the orange drizzle added a little tartness to the flavor. The quinoa slaw is not your average salad either. Quinoa is a whole grain and a very healthy food as it’s packed with proteins.


Main Course

Chambers Signatures

Chambers’ own Robatayaki Grilled Baby Snapper Fillet, Wild Rice and Herbal Shimeji

In case you are (like me) wondering what is shimeji, it’s a mushroom with a slightly nutty flavor and crunchy texture. It went very well with the fish and the wild rice perfectly complemented the other ingredients.


Main Course

Spring Lamb Cutlets cooked on layered Charcoal Flame, Dukkah Crust, Strawberry and Chicken Couscous

This main course has everything I like in a lamb dish! I was already excited when I saw the dukkah crust as this is a marvelous Egyptian spice consisting of herbs, nuts and spices. Dukkah is great as a coating on meats and adds to the flavor of any meats. I couldn’t get enough of this and to top it all, it has couscous which again, is my absolute favourite. Moist and juicy lamb and not overcooked at all.


Main Course

Certified Angus Porterhouse Dry Aged in Himalayan Salt Cabinet and Grilled on Lava Stone with Ginger Shiitake, Fava Bean and Soya Caramel Sauce

It’s true that the Himalayan Salt Cabinet tenderizes the meat and makes it more flavourful, this one is unbelievably tender. Don’t the fava beans remind you of petai? I love any kind of mushrooms and the ginger shiitake with the soya caramel sauce add so much dimension to this dish.


The Charcoal Ciabatta with Sundried Tomato isn’t part of the Festival Menu and is served with every meal at Chamber’s. The fact that it has sundried tomato tells me that this is a top-notch bread. I love the taste of sun-dried tomato, this is a premium bread.



Ivory White Chocolate Emulsion

Pink Guava Sponge and Sour Plum Sorbet

This is the MOST amazing dessert as the ivory white chocolate emulsion tastes like mousse and I find the level of sweetness ideal for my palate thanks to the addition of water to the white chocolate. It tastes rich without being too much, it doesn’t weigh down my senses. The sour plum sorbet under the emulsion is so tart and yummy. The pink blob is the pink guava sponge and that just melts in my mouth. I could so have this dessert every day as it’s so light! This is like a summer delight dessert but I think one can have this any season.

 Full Festival Menu

RM333++ per person with wine
RM258++ per person without wine
Light Menu
RM273++ per person with wine
RM198++ per person without wine
Exclusive Hand-Picked Wine Selection
Tenimenti Conti Neri Prosecco di Prosecco Vino Spumante DOC, Italy (LOVE this one!)
Balduzzi Reserva Chardonnay, Chile
Clarendelle Rouge Inspired by Haut-Brion, France

 For reservations, call 03 2264 2596 or email


  1. I thought that the robatayaki grill looks like some sort of magic shows ! The Charcoal Ciabatta looks very interesting as it is very black! How does it taste? Is it sweet or has very good fragrant? How does the Fava Bean taste like? I am sure it doesn’t taste or smell like Petai right?

    • No, the bread isn’t sweet. It is soft and goes so well with butter. The sundried tomatoes give it a bit of ‘kick’. The fava beans don’t smell, nothing like petai!