Celebrities Lend Star Power To Malaysian Businesses On Shopee Live

Sherry Alhadad and host Sarancak conducting the Kotak Duit Misteri promotion
Nabila Huda (left) as guest appearance at the Shopee Live Skuad Stylo

Malaysian celebrities have been using their fame to rally millions of Malaysians on Shopee Live’s daily celebrity livestream show, Shopee Live Skuad Stylo, that airs 8PM every night to promote local businesses, including demonstrating the quality of local-made products and giving real-time personal testimonials of how they use the products in their daily lives. 

Nabila Huda has widespread recognition as winner of Best Supporting Actress award at the 30th Malaysian Film Festival (FFM30) for her role in the movie Makrifat Cinta. Fara Nadiah is the rising star of Irama Kita, who has been breaking into the movie business since starring in Malay dramas since childhood. 

Fara Nadiah explaining a beauty product usage to the viewers
Fara Nadiah & Sarancak promoting Masdora’s 999.0 Gold Bar

“Locally made products have beautiful designs and are made by skillful local talents,” declared Nabila during her 26 September Shopee Live Skuad Stylo session with host Zaiton Khalid, where she showcased the comfort and quality of locally-designed headscarves by Heejab and Theselamah brands.

Personally, Nabila, with a following of 3.1 million fans across social media, attested to spending between RM300 to RM400 each month on kitchen essentials and electrical items on Shopee. “I find it more convenient to purchase essentials like rice and my favorite pasta brand on Shopee than going to a physical store,” she explained.

Fara knows first-hand that every local seller needs the right platform — livestreaming — and a bit of recognition to expand their reach, as a childhood actor herself who tried to break into the scenes with her own talent. “I love online shopping for items like shoes, accessories, skincare, and even furniture. I find the products sold on Shopee to be of high quality,” she said.

She also recognized that women sellers on Shopee uplift other women in their communities: “Selling online is a convenient option for women, especially housewives, enabling them to manage their businesses while looking after their children. They are role models to other sellers,” added Fara, who boasts 159,000 followers on Instagram.

Dato’ Seri Vida (left) was a guest celebrity for the Kotak Duit Misteri promotion during Shopee Live Skuad Stylo
Dato’ Seri Vida is excited to start the Kotak Duit Misteri gameshow with host Sarancak

Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing at Shopee Malaysia said, “Shopee aims to continually deliver a seamless shopping experience that not only meets users shopping needs, but also keeps them entertained and engaged through shopping-tainment that empowers local sellers to succeed and grow in the long term. We are thrilled to see celebrities like Nabila Huda and Fara Nadiah rally millions of fans on Shopee Live Skuad Stylo to champion local brands. We hope more Malaysians embrace the value of Buatan Malaysia products.”

Shopee has a track record of empowering content creators to achieve outstanding results through live selling on its platform. Top-performing Shopee live stream sellers in each state in Malaysia generated sales of RM4.6 million in the last 12 months.