Catrice Cosmetics Limited Edition KAVIAR GAUCHE



Okay, I have no idea why Catrice Cosmetics Limited Edition KAVIAR GAUCHE is only now available when I saw it on their official website months ago (it was supposed to be only available from mid-May to mid-July) but for Catrice fans here, better late then never, huh?

Following their successful collaboration at Berlin Fashion Week at the beginning of the year, Kaviar Gauche and CATRICE reunited again in the summer to present a mutually developed make-up collection for the most beautiful day in a woman’s life with this limited edition collection. Soft pastel shades and contrasting grey stand for a light, avant-garde look and modern romanticism.


Gilding Eye and Face Palette Once Upon A Time


Six eyeshadows in delicate powder shades, including a light lilac and feminine pink as well as contrasting grey with a warm undertone, create a natural-looking eye make-up look with a glow. Some matte, some shimmering, the eyeshadows can be applied and blended with the included applicator. Applied on the waterline and the inner corner of your eyes, the white eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger. On top, the palette contains a light as well as a dark contouring powder to emphasize your facial features, and the white packaging with a golden, floral lace design is a true highlight in itself.


Blurring Powder Pearls C01 Sweet Secret


Beautifying. The gorgeous powder pearls in light nude and pastel shades aren’t just lovely to look at, they are on a mission of beauty, too. Applied with a large brush, they make your skin look wonderfully smooth. Light-reflecting pigments ensure a flawless complexion with a glow. And the transparent container with a decorative lid is a real gem on the dressing table.


Gentle Lip Gloss C01 Butterfly Kiss & C02 Honey Blossom


Give your lips a touch of colour and a beautiful shine with the Gentle Lip Gloss when you whisper “I do”. The lipgloss is available in soft pink or apricot and has a light, transparent texture. For a glossy, natural look that radiates an air of lightness.


Nail Lacquer C01 Butterfly Kiss, C02 Honey Blossom, C03 Love Me Tender, C04 Cool Wonder


Light pink, soft lilac, pastel apricot and warm grey – in addition to ultimate shine and durability, these nail polishes offer a romantic and modern range of colours. Warm grey provides a beautiful contrast in the otherwise extremely delicate and feminine collection. Pink and lilac have a light shimmer, grey and apricot are plain.

The product I would most love to have is the Blurring Powder Pearls, all the products are highly affordable.