Canon Malaysia Ushers In A New Era Of Printing Excellence

.Masato Yoshiie delivers his speech at the “A Class of Excellence with Canon” event and expresses his excitement for Canon’s new standard for innovation in the industry

Canon Marketing Malaysia (“Canon”) unveiled its latest lineup of laser printers at the event, “A Class of Excellence with Canon,” marking a significant leap forward in printing technology. Held at Oomph, Megah Rise Mall, the event showcased seven new printers designed to streamline business operations with superior efficiency, productivity, and user experience. This includes the imageCLASS LBP243dw, LBP246dw, LBP248x, MF461dw, MF465dw, MF469x and LBP732Cx.

The new lineup of printers was Canon’s response to the ever-evolving, dynamic needs of modern workspaces. These printers have been meticulously optimised and improved, positioning the industry leader at the forefront of technological innovation. With these newly-tailored features, Canon’s new laser printer lineup addresses challenges faced by businesses of all sizes, redefining printing standards and empowering organisations to achieve greater efficiency and success.

Interactive booths at the event gave guests hands-on experience with the new lineup of laser printers, showcasing the unique value propositions of each printer. From enhanced printing speeds to seamless connectivity, guests gained an in-depth understanding of how these printers can seamlessly fit into different workflows and elevate business operations.

In his opening remarks, Masato Yoshiie, President and CEO of Canon Marketing Malaysia, emphasised the company’s dedication to continuous innovation. He added, “Today marks a pivotal moment in Canon’s journey of innovation. In line with our ‘Kyosei’ philosophy of living and working together for the common good, our new laser printers are a testament to our commitment to constant advancement, setting new standards in the industry.”

Sandy Lee delights the crowd with insights and her vision of the new cutting-edge laser printers, charting a course towards a future of unparalleled printing technology

“As businesses navigate the complexities of modern workspaces, Canon’s new laser printers are designed to be more than tools; they are your strategic partners in productivity. The seamless integration of cutting-edge features addresses the diverse needs of organisations, providing a reliable solution to enhance workflows and enabling businesses to achieve their goals with confidence and ease,” added Sandy Lee, Head of Division, Personal System Devices of Canon Marketing Malaysia.

The newest lineup of printers is capable of delivering exceptional quality and speed, with the imageCLASS LBP246dw, LBP248x, MF465dw and MF469x boasting an impressive 40-pages-per-minute (ppm) for quick and efficient document printing in A4 size. Meanwhile, the LBP732Cx offers a printing speed of 38 ppm, while the LBP243dw and MF461dw, which are affordably priced, can churn out documents at 36 ppm. All
models are also equipped with automatic duplex printing, reducing paper consumption, thus ensuring sustainability and helping businesses save costs. In addition, the MF460 series comes with a rapid scanning rate of up to 100 sheets per minute.

One of Canon’s latest printers

All seven new printers are integrated with cloud solutions, with support for Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive for printing and scanning. Enterprises with a Microsoft Azure subscription can also benefit from seamless connectivity with Microsoft Universal Print support.

Canon’s “A Class of Excellence” launch event serves as a powerful testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to empowering businesses to unleash their potential. With the latest innovations, cutting-edge features and tailored solutions in printing, businesses can now unlock a new era of printing excellence. To learn more about Canon’s latest products, please visit the official Canon website at