Breakfast Set At Upeh Gardens Mall


dsc_8405The row of restaurants and cafes on the LG floor of Gardens Mall seems to keep changing every few months or so. Food and beverage outlets have come and gone. One of the ones that are still there is Upeh which offers heritage local fare. Lately they offered breakfast sets which look affordable but then when you pay, tax is added on top of the price. Th breakfast seys come with coffee or tea.


I chose roti jala with chicken curry at RM10.90 and what was served was disappointing. There were four small pieces of roti jala with a teeny-weeny bowl of chicken curry. There were two minute pieces of chicken in the bowl and there was hardly enough sauce for 2 pieces of roti jala.

When I asked the waiter for more sauce, he brought me another bowl which was a quarter full of sauce. That was just enough for 1 piece of roti jala so I had to ask another person for more sauce. As for the chicken curry, it was average. The quantity and quality of this meal deters me from a second visit.