Best Places For A Taste of Japan At Pavilion KL’s Tokyo Street

Ichi Zen

#1 – Ichi Zen

A lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy good food! With Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL’s award-winning precinct, celebrating its 10th Anniversary, we are sharing a list of the precinct’s hidden gems for all the foodies out there.

Looking for freshness and variety? Ichi Zen is known for fresh seafood and thick sashimi slices. You’ll definitely find your catch of the day here. Their salmon belly sashimi comes highly recommended, but if you’re looking for something more, Ichi Zen offers a wide variety of specialty bentos that fill up every compartment in your hungry stomach.

Location: Ichi Zen Japanese Restaurant, Level 6, Tokyo Street

#2 – Okonomi

Okonomi is home to some of KL’s most authentic Japanese dishes, with in-house chef, Chef
Takeshi, adding a truly Japanese touch to his signature dishes. Whether you are trying the
traditional okonomiyaki, succulent beef yakiniku, or Chef Takeshi’s original fried noodles, Okonomi will make you feel as though you are eating on the streets of Tokyo.

Location: Okonomi,Level 6, Tokyo Street

#3 – Tokyo Teppan

It’s teppanyaki time! Tokyo Teppan creates a truly authentic Tokyo-style teppanyaki experience with a wide selection of premium seafood and meats to choose from – allowing you to create the perfect meal.

Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine where meat, seafood, and noodles are traditionally grilled on an iron plate. The flat, hot cooking surface is essential for the flavoursome preparation of teppanyaki dishes, and the teppanyaki grill – which can be served sizzling hot on the table – ensures every bite of your meal is hot and fresh.

Location: Tokyo Teppan, Level 6, Tokyo Street


#4 – myEureka

Looking to give your movie nights a tea-licious twist? Look no further than matcha popcorn. myEureka certainly knows how to elevate your movie experience by creating a matcha and white chocolate flavoured popcorn that will lead to an unbe-leaf-able snacking experience.

Location: myEureka, Level 6, Pavilion KL

Matcha Hero Kyoto
Matcha Hero Kyoto

#5 – Matcha Kyoto

Matcha Kyoto is definitely matcha-heaven for all the matcha lovers out there! This small hidden gem in Tokyo Street offers authentic matcha, and is the sole importer of Marukyu Koyamaen teas in Malaysia.

Whether you want to cool down with a scoop of creamy matcha ice cream, or go traditional with their Organic Cultivated Matcha—you can’t go wrong with Matcha Kyoto’s selection of beverages and ice creams.

Location: Matcha Hero Kyoto, Level 6, Pavilion KL


#6 – Shojikiya

Sometimes we all need a little comfort in the form of cup noodles! Whether it’s a rainy-day meal or an easy TV dinner—Japanese cup noodles is a must-have addition to any pantry! Head over to Shojikiya to grab your favourite cup noodles.

Location: Shojikiya, Level 6, Pavilion KL