Zits Begone With Acence Blemish Spot Solution


It was just one of those days…..I don’t usually get zits but when they come, they come in pairs. These two decided to sprout on my chin and they were sizeable too. They were hardened, inflamed and causing a bit of pain when I touched them.

Looking frantically through my shelves of beauty products/aids, I couldn’t find that small tube of Oxy5 which I use once in a blue moon. No wonder, my shelves needed a bit of tidying up. With everything in disarray (an understatement), it might take me days before I could find that 10g of acne-pimple medication.

What’s a girl to do? Why, resort to her cache of samples of course! I remembered I had 2 sachets of Acence Blemish Spot Solution which I’d picked up from a visit to the then newly opened NOPS at Sunway Pyramid.

Surely one sachet would be sufficient as a temporary measure. The Acence Blemish Spot Solution is a gel which felt quite cooling on the protruding spots. Upon application, the zits didn’t feel quite as painful as before.

The next morning, the inflammations had subsided and although not completely gone, the zits had softened and become less painful to the touch. Not bad for just one application, I thought.

That little sachet sample lasted 3 days. Being a gel textured blemish spot solution, I could even go out of the house with the treatment on the troubled spot and not have people staring at my chin.

By the time I squeezed the last drop of blemish spot solution out of the sachet, my zits had completely subsided, leaving just faint scars. Needless to say, I was pleased to bits with the results.

However, the full size of the blemish spot solution (as you can see from the pic above) is 30ml/RM80 and that’s a motherload of product for someone like me who won’t use it on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

The full sized glass bottle has a dropper as an applicator to dispense the one drop required for each application. Had it been of a smaller quantity, say 15ml and priced at less than RM50, I’d be tempted to purchase as I certainly don’t need 30ml for pimples which thankfully only make their visit once every few months.

Luckily, I have another sachet of the Blemish Spot Solution which I am hanging on for another zitty day. Sample sachets really come in handy sometimes.