Baguette Fans Will Be Wowed By The Colours And Flavours At RUSCO


ruscoOne of my favourite breakfast foods is the baguette but not every bakery does a good baguette and by good baguette, I mean one that is crunchy. If you like baguettes, you should check out RUSCO’s products which come in different colours and flavours. I visited their outlet at Pavilion Tokyo Street during their 9th Anniversary celebrations yesterday and was impressed by the wide variety available.

RUSCO has a unique baking method for their baguettes. They make the dough using wheat flour from Hokkaido and mix it by using the European style small size mixer. There are 2 baking processes. The texture of the crunchiness and crumbles are made from the preferred ingredients, unique method and hand-made. For their Raspberry Rusk, they use fresh raspberry to blend as the color of the Rusk. Upon completion, they mix the raspberry blend into the dough while making baguettes so that the natural raspberry color is in the bread. You would feel the aroma of raspberry every time you bite on it.

rusco6rusco3rusco2rusco1They were giving out samples yesterday and I have to say the baguettes are very tasty. They do not lack crunch and the texture is truly fantastic. The boxes and even the bags are great as gifts. With so many flavours to choose from, you may simply want them all.