Bacteria Buster : Elken’s Biosafe(TM) Plasma Detoxifier

Plasma Detoxifier

One of the products available at Elysyle’s “wellness supermarket” is the Biosafe™ Plasma Detoxifier which claims to remove 99.9% of bacteria and pesticides in vegetables and fruits within 8 minutes. It also sterilises bacteria in nursing bottles and pacifiers, towels, toys and personal utensils.

During my second visit to Wisma Elken, Vivian demonstrated how the Plasma Detoxifier was used to detoxify some vegetables. A net is provided with the Plasma Detoxifier for holding small items like cili padi, rice grains, beans, smaller vegetables and eggs. Leafy greens such as the ones used during the demo and fruits such as apples and oranges can be popped straight inside.

Only unfiltered tap water should be used as plasma generator requires a certain amount of dissolved ions to produce the hydroxyl radicals. The Detoxifier cannot be used for sterilising gold or silver items as they may become discolored.

The following images show the number of pesticides found in various fruits and vegetables:-

Net for smaller items

As you can see from the images below, the vegetables which have been detoxified for 8 minutes appear greener, fresher and much more appetizing than the vegetables which have not been detoxified.

There are 2 prices for the Biosafe™ Plasma Detoxifier, it’s RM2010 (Retail Price) & RM1698 (Distributor’s Price). For more information on this product, please contact Vivian at 012-398 9168.