Backstage Tour Of The Sound Of Music An Enlightening Experience

Cavernous backstage

It was a privilege to be part of the media group who were invited to meet the cast and crew at “The Sound Of Music” at the end of December. It’s not often that one gets to tour backstage of any musical/stage production. During the tour, I got an appreciation for the hard work put in by the crew to make the production a successful one. Without their effort and dedication, there is no way the musical can run without a glitch.

We had an opportunity to ask the backstage manager what we wanted to know about the sets, costumes, sound and lighting, etc. Backstage is cavernous which isn’t surprising as the ceiling needs to be high enough to fit the huge sets. One can imagine the co-ordination required between all the crew in order to make things run so smoothly every time the actors are on stage.

The child actors’ costumes
A peek at the musicians’ pit from the stage

The child actors have their own changing space set apart from the adult actors’ as is appropriate. The backstage manager informed us that they need 6 containers which are shipped to whichever country they head to next. They are heading to Manila, then China and Taiwan. The amount of organisation needed ahead of time boggles my mind but these are such experienced people and everything runs like clockwork.