Backstage At Joe Chia Chapter 5 Showcase With MAC Cosmetics’ Reyo Lim


reyo lim

Make-up and fashion are inseparable, we cannot have one without the other. For the recent Joe Chia Chapter 5 showcase, the looks for the 24 male and female models were created by MAC Cosmetics’ Reyo Lim whom I have known for several years. The make-up on the models was immaculate as one would expect of the brand and looks simple but of course it take professionals like Reyo and his Event Artist team to put together the looks worthy of an international runway. I asked Reyo about the make-up on the models and what he thinks of Joe Chia’s creations.

What is the make-up colour theme?

Joe Chia’s clothes are mostly in black so we have white as the focus for the make-up to draw a contrast.

How long does it take to come up with the looks?

One week before this show, we had a discussion with Joe Chia. We had a test run on the make-up this afternoon.

Please tell me about the eye make-up.

We use Facility Crayon Kohl Pencil on the lids drawn according to the eye shape. We applied an acrylic PRO product (Pure White Acrylic Paint) on top of the liner.

What about the lip make-up?

Taupe Wood Mineralize Lipstick available in Jan 2015 and Boundless Energy Lipglass.




As for the complexion….?

We used Face and Body Foundation and Mineralize Skin Finish. On cheeks, we used bronzing powder.

Same for the male models?

We used minimal make-up on them, just Face and Body Foundation and Prep + Prime Translucent Powder (more sheer).

What nail lacquer for the nails?

Cream Skin.

How long does it take for each model’s make-up?

15 minutes for the females and 10 minutes for the males.

Your impression of Joe Chia’s designs?

This is the 1st time I am working with Joe. He is a very talented local designer and his designs are unique and stylish. I can wear them to work as they are in black!

Images of the model courtesy of MAC Cosmetics Malaysia.





  1. Amazing, the model’s makeup is almost invisible, it’s just like having no make up on, but clearly she has, and so this only means that her makeup is so incredibly well done!

    By the way, I also have a message for everyone from Santa’s Kitty, she says that Santa is on his way, his sleigh has been loaded up with presents and all his reindeers are ready to go! So, everyone better be on his/her best behaviour this Christmas!

  2. His makeup looks really natural and be achieve with minimal makeup and 10minutes is super fast. I guess because of my lack of skills in makeup department that I need more than 1hour just for the makeup. Can’t seems to balance the eyes’ makeup. Santa Kitty?I wonder if a big girl like me will be getting gift…XD

  3. I was informed by Santa’s Kitty that Junipers Journal is now giving away a white MAC Keepsakes pouch together with a Ruby Woo Lipstick and Lip pencil and so there is a chance for anyone out there who takes part in the giveaway to win the lovely Keepsakes pouch and its contents as a gift this Christmas!