Avene Starter Kit


The best way to test out skincare products from a brand you’ve never tried before is to purchase their starter kits. Many brands found in drugstores have such starter kits and Avene is one of those brands which offer a selection of skincare.

It’s very good value as you get 15 pieces of facial mask (n/p RM14.90), 5ml light hydrating cream, 50ml Thermal Spring Water (n/p RM19), 25ml each of the gentle gel cleanser and toner, packed in a transparent plastic zipped pouch for RM29.

Avene Starter Kit

When I first saw the facial masks, I wasn’t quite sure how to use them as they aren’t the usual compressed masks which you find in Sasa or Watsons which you drop into a container of softener or toner. These are folded cloth masks which you’re supposed to spray the thermal spring water on but you’d need a lot of thermal spring water in order to get the mask moist enough to place on your face.

No matter how much thermal spring water I sprayed on to the mask, I just couldn’t get the mask sufficiently moist so I resorted to pouring the toner on to the mask which worked. I placed the mask on my face for 20 minutes before it started to dry up.

Thermal spring water, toner & facial masks

While it’s probably good value to use a “do-it-yourself” mask, the Avene facial masks don’t fit my face well. For this reason, I prefer using readymade sheet masks. Nevertheless, it did feel very soothing to have this mask on my face.

As for the gel cleanser and light hydrating cream, I think they are average, not exceptional. For people with sensitive skins, this would be suitable skincare for their type of skin. Starter kits are great for travelling and you can even bring them along in your hand luggage since the sizes are so small.