Aupres Bloggers Pampering Workshop



Thanks to MIVVA, I was invited to join the Aupres Bloggers Workshop this afternoon at Zang Toi Cafe in Parkson Pavilion. This wasn’t a hands-on workshop, we had one-to-one skin consultations, hand massage session, flash makeover and there was also a Tarot card reader.

We were introduced to 2 new Aupres make-up products which I can’t disclose till August as there is an embargo. Prices of these products have yet to be finalised. This was like a reintroduction to Aupres skincare for me as I wanted to know more about their Premium range.


Aupres Premium range is their stem cell treatment range. The Premium range supplies collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to skin and the key ingredient is bilberry leaf essence for bringing back skin elasticity, reducing lines and improving skin tightening. There are 2 moisturisers in this range, one is the thicker cream and for those who prefer something lighter, there is the emulsion. There are 8 products in this range.



All of us went home with an Aupres beauty box beautifully wrapped up in a big ribbon. We received 3 whitening samples and the 2 new make-up products which I can’t unveil as yet.


  1. wow.. great event again! Did you ask for a Tarot reading? hehe~ And the Aupres beauty box looks so nice! Curious to discover new Aupres make-up products~hehe