Asepso Soap



As much as I like to discover new beauty brands and products, I love brands that have been around for decades like  my late grandmother’s favourite moisturizer, Hazeline Snow. I remember the scent of the cream and the whipped cream like texture than turned powdery when applied. Then there’s Asepso™ which is a brand that’s been around since the 19th century.

Asepso™ Soap was first developed by the Edward Cook Company in London and was one of the very first antiseptic soaps invented that soon became synonymous with alleviating skin infections and reducing bacteria on the skin.

Since I started having heat rash (minor form but annoying nevertheless), anything which could help me with the condition was a welcome addition. This Asepso™ Antiseptic Soap is  the original and unique antiseptic formulated bar soap proven to help eliminate odour causing bacteria and dirt. Its single active anti-bacterial agent (Triclosan 0.25%w/w) formulation is trusted for over a century as the original soap that is helpful against prickly heat and reduces harmful skin bacteria.


Asepso Soap is a Grade 1 Soap

This has a strong anti-bacterial scent but that doesn’t bother me. It lathers quite well and the foam is a unique shade of green. I don’t know if it’s really helped but since I started using it a few days ago, the heat rash has lessened. I like this soap and I am going to continue purchasing it – it’s only RM4.80 for 4 bars.