Anna Sui’s Eye Brightener Does More Than Just Brighten Eyes


Just like all Anna Sui’s cosmetics, their Eye Brightener comes in a cute packaging with a rose design at the top of the wand and a butterfly/floral motif on the bottom half. There’s also the ubiquitous rose scent which is the Anna Sui trademark.

The Eye Brightener can be used all over the eye area, on the lids as a base or under the eyes to make the area brighter and more luminous. It isn’t a concealer so it won’t cover dark circles but if you don’t usually use/need concealer, then the Eye Brightener can be used on its own to enhance the appearance of the eye area.


Other than the eye area, the Eye Brightener can be used on other areas of the face such as the cheekbones or any other areas you’d like to highlight. You can use apply it directly to the eyelids as an eye base before applying eyeshadow.

The way I used it was by mixing the Eye Brightener with some eyeshadow on the back of my hand to produce a creamy shadow. Used with any eyeshadow, it produces a more intense and solid colour.

Left-Without Eye Brightener, Right-With Eye Brightener
Without Eye Brightener
With Eye Brightener

It’s not as thick as most concealers so it’s easy to blend. It’s a versatile eye product since you can use it as an eyeshadow base as well as to brighten the eye area even if you’re lucky enough not to need concealer.

The 5.6ml Anna Sui Eye Brightener retails at RM83.

Note : The Eye Brightener was provided by P&G (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd for review.