I first came across this brand at one of our city’s frequent beauty expos and all I knew about it was that they specialize in bodycare products and originated from Spain. I finally got a chance to try their body oils when this set of 6ml bottles arrived with January Bag Of Love.

Body Sculptor Body Oil RM290/150ml

This one has the nicest scent of the 3 samples as it smells of lemongrass. I used the entire bottle in one application. This might be the oil for me as it prevents excess weight and liquid retention through its draining action, activating micro-circulation, while toning the skin.

Anti-Cellulite Body Oil RM290/150ml

This oil has been specially formulated to counteract cellulitis, reducing excess localized adipose tissue in areas such as the thighs, hips, abdomen and buttocks, while acting to tone and reduce unsightly orange-peel skin. It is as lightweight and as easily absorbed as the Body Sculptor Body Oil.

Shape Reducer Body Oil RM370/150ml

This one is the lightest (in colour) of the 3 oils. This essential oil blend contains:
Lemon: anti-cellulite, diuretic, weight loss.
Juniper: diuretic, weight reduction, anti-cellulite.
Cypress: anti-cellulite, stimulates circulation, muscular tonic.
Geranium: anti-cellulite, diuretic.
Cedar: skin protector, diuretic.
Mint: weight reduction, diuretic.

These are really nice body oils and I wouldn’t mind trying the full sized Body Sculptor Body Oil but they are all rather pricey!