Ageism In The Beauty Industry



There’s no doubt that youth sells beauty products so even if a brand markets anti-aging skincare, someone with smooth and flawless skin will front the campaign even if the product is targeted at those over 40. Very few beauty brands have chosen women over 50 to be their spokesperson although women like Helen Mirren and latest Bond woman, Monica Bellucci are over 50 and still immaculately beautiful. I’d love to have skin like theirs when I get to their age. Looking at the number of beauty brand ambassadors in their 20s, there’s little doubt that youth sells products, even products meant for women in their 40s and above.

Even when it comes to which bloggers are chosen by brands, I note that even when brands launch anti-ageing skincare, the majority are those in their 20s. I’ve more or less given up asking if I can be included in a brand’s media list since I’ve found that even if they reply agreeably, it doesn’t mean a thing. Invariably, when they have a launch event, once again I am excluded.

I’ve often thought that those of us in our 30s and beyond need anti-ageing skincare more than those in their 20s but the powers-that-be seem to think differently. I’d like to stress that just because I am old, it doesn’t mean that those reading this blog are necessarily the same age as me or anywhere near my age. Most of my regular readers are in their 20s from what I have noted.

Something else lately brought home the fact that there’s ageism in the beauty industry and that is I am increasingly getting sidelined when it comes to being invited to preview new beauty products. Brands which I used to be able to introduce to you all in the past have excluded me in favour of younger people and even though I have always obliged them by posting their press releases, whether for their charitable causes or otherwise, seem to have relegated me to the bottom tier when it comes to who they want to invite or give press samples to.

All this has been seriously demotivating and makes me wonder whether I should continue working hard at updating everyone. It’s hard not to feel fed up when you feel unappreciated, that no matter what you do, at the end of the day, you know you won’t be picked by the brands you used to support and promote.

I know I don’t get a lot of comments but I know people are reading this blog and I do get nice comments about this blog when I speak to people. Still, it’s like a daily struggle with the inner demons who tell me that no matter how hard I work at this blog, I’m not going to go much further than what I’ve reached now.


  1. People may be aware of racism but not ageism. Ageism is still a type of discrimination.

    The young bloggers of today will eventually grow old someday and there will come a time when they will suffer the same fate!

    Perhaps only when the shoe is on the other foot ……. Will this type of discrimination ever cease?

    Kudos to Juniper J for raising awareness about this.

    • I’m the only one who seems to complain about ageism since everyone else below my age are ultra popular, famous and in demand. No one cares about what I go through, this endless struggle to stay afloat. After all, everyone else is young and life can’t get any better for them.

  2. Wow..this post really touched my heart. I am sorry you feel that way. Shame on the beauty industry for neglecting you because of your age. I think it is unfair they do that as not all things are only relevant for the younger generation which leave the older generation to struggle to fit in. Its just a marketing gimmick to choose younger people to be the ambassador of anti ageing skincare line as most of them still have ‘young’ skin that looks better as skin do regenerate faster when you are young. But what about older people that already have wrinkles and fine lines? If they really wanted to prove and show that their skin care really do work , they should test it both on younger (people above 25 years of age as that is when skin starts to age) as well as on older people to see if it really makes a difference. Not only that, they should ask reviews from bloggers of both young and old for a wider range of feedback as different skin at different age do have different reactions. I think you should just blog as a hobby and keep doing what you love for your loyal readers. I do understand that getting invited to events are one of the exciting perks of being a blogger. But if getting excluded and sidelined because of your age,is just spiteful and not worth it. You can blog about so many other things like travel and any personal experience relating to anything really. Hopefully you will get more followers in the future. But of course, regarding the main topic at hand, thank you for raising this topic and for bringing it to everyone’s attention.

    • Thanks for your comment and support, appreciate it more than words can express. It’s getting increasingly disheartening and demoralizing to be dropped from lists which I was previously on and it’s hard not to notice that generally they prefer younger people, even to review products formulated for over 40s. I’m not surprised though because most of the people making the decision on whom to invite are in the 20s age group. There are days though when I am so fed up that I only check my blog & emails once a day. That’s the reality of the beauty industry and I’ve been resigned to it for a long time. It won’t change because blog readers gravitate towards those who aren’t like me. If anyone else had blogged about this or even a cut and paste article, they’d get 20x more comments than me. You are just one of the handful who appreciate me for bringing attention to this topic so for that, I am truly grateful.