Affordable Natural Skincare : Corine de Farme



Range of moisturizers : Moisturizing Care – for sensitive skin, Ultra-Nourishing Care – for dry or very dry skin, Radiant Ccomplexion Moisturizing Care – for normal skin, 2 in 1 Face Cream Anti Wrinkle – for wrinkles

You know that it’s better for our skin and overall health/wellbeing to use natural skincare but how many times have we looked at the prices of natural skincare and balked? Natural skincare generally doesn’t come affordable much as we would all love to adopt more natural skincare into our regimen. Well I have good news for you because Corine de Farme is a range of ultra-affordable skincare available soon at Caring pharmacies (within supermarkets/hypermarkets).

I’m told that the brand was founded way back in 1930 and as you can guess, it is from France where there are a lot of really superb drugstore brands such as Caudalie , Avene, Vichy and NUXE. Corine de Farme is always at least 95% natural and you can see just what percentage natural they are just by looking at the boxes and in front of the products, no having to search the back of the box or product for the percentage. The products don’t contain any colorants, parabens, phenoxyethanol or alcohol.

P1220302(1) The range of moisturizers (as above)

All the products are scented (apparently the French love scents in their skincare) and some may find them a bit too strong for their liking. The scents are very floral thanks to the presence of Litchiderm (yes, lychee) for brightening/age-fighting, Camellia for ultra-moisturizing, heart of French Oak for wrinkle-fighting, White Tea which is an antioxidant source and Peony for soothing.

I found all the moisturizers very lightweight and when applied to skin, they transform into watery texture. It’s very pleasant, soothing and highly absorbent. Let me take you through each moisturizer:-

1. Moisturizing Care – for sensitive skin 98% natural 50ml/RM39.90

Shea butter, vegetal glycerin and soothing bisabolol for matte, hydrated skin.

2. Ultra-Nourishing Care – for dry or very dry skin 98% natural 50ml/RM39.90

Olive wax for soft, matte skin.

3. Radiant Complexion Moisturizing Care – for normal skin 95% natural 50ml/RM49.90

Extracts of lychee, white tea, cranberry and camellia for 24-hour moisturization.

4. 2 in 1 Face Cream Anti Wrinkle – for wrinkles 96% natural 50ml/RM59.90

This would probably be my choice of Corine de Farme moisturizer as it can be used on the eye area as well. This is for me since it targets wrinkles. Contains oak, cranberry and tea extracts, Promises visible results in 4 weeks.


Make Up Remover – Radiant Complexion, Rose Water, Micellar Make Up Remover, Eye Make Up Remover

Micellar Water seems like a very popular skincare product with French brands. I really like Avene’s Micellar Water as it cleanses and tones at the same time. It’s such a useful product as it can be used to remove light make-up (actually, I think it does more than that as it can remove my eye make-up) and I can skip toner if I want to.

Let’s see what Corine de Farme has to offer in respect of cleansers, they all have floral scents:-

1. Make Up Remover – Radiant Complexion 99% natural 200ml/RM28.90

Moisturizing, creamy lotion for removing even waterproof makeup.

2. Rose Water 99% natural 200ml/RM28.90

An ancient recipe that gently removes and trace of impurities. Only fragrance is from extracts of Rose of Damascus.

3Micellar Make Up Remover 97% natural 200ml/RM28.90

Water-based cleanser/toner especialy suitable for sensitive skins and contact lens wearers.

4. Eye Make Up Remover 97% natural 125ml/RM25.90

Contains micellar particles.

Watch out for these special sets which retail at just RM39.90, a fantastic introduction to the brand.


Corine de Farme skincare will be available at 30 Caring outlets within supermarkets/hypermarkets nationwide from 15th September 2013. Their haircare products are already available at Sasa outlets.


  1. Oh my gosh. Really very affordable skincare brand from France. Normally, natural products France can really make a humongous hole for my wallet but this won’t!