Absolute Thai @ The Gardens


P1330708(1)Absolute Thai @ The Gardens seems like a favourite lunch spot for many office staff and shoppers as the restaurant is almost always full house on weekdays. So far I have had lunch there twice and service is quite prompt even when they are at their most busy.

There’s a good variety in their menu and even the most fussy eaters can definitely find something they like. There are starters like Thai prawn cakes, Bangkok famous wrapped kway teow with minced chicken (which was sold out on my 1st visit) and if you are with a group of at least 4 pax, you might opt for their mix heavenly appetizers combo as you get 4 pieces of each combo.


The Bangkok famous wrapped kway teow with minced chicken comes with a basil sauce and these are bite-sized. I didn’t see why they are so “famous”. It’s not something I’d order again as they weren’t that memorable.


As a child, I’d order Pandan wrapped chicken every time my mother brought me to a Thai restaurant. As an adult, I find having to unwrap the leaves a bit messy but still enjoy the succulent and tender chicken infused with the pandan flavor.


I prefer green curries to red curries. I can’t quite explain why but green curry sauce just goes better with rice.


Absolute Thai’s seafood tom yam has quite a lot of ingredients therein but still can’t beat a certain food court stall in MBK Bangkok for quality and quantity.


The chicken in the fried rice was way too salty for me.


As far as fish dishes are concerned, this is Absolute Thai’s bestseller. The sauce is tangy and the fish very tender.


I prefer the Steamed Siakap with Garlic, Chillies and Lime Sauce to the one with Thai Soya Sauce. The soya sauce is much thicker than I expected and while it tasted okay, it was a far cry from the one with Garlic, Chillies and Lime Sauce.


Love their lemongrass drink as it is so refreshing and it doesn’t take me long to finish the whole glass. I’ve ordered this on both visits to Absolute Thai.


Tab Tim Krop is a must-have dessert for me at any Thai restaurant but I have yet to find a Thai restaurant in Malaysia which gives a generous portion as they do in Thailand.